We take flight simulation seriously and professionally.


Flight dispatch integrated with simbrief .


We have a simple and efficient career plan.


We use the most modern flight tracking software.

Who are we?

Sul Cargo Virtual dev is a fictitious virtual airline focused on cargo transportation, non-profit and that seeks pilots related to simulate with professionalism.

Our company was created with the objective of simulating the air transport of cargo in national and international territory. The advantage is a high degree of simulation with aircraft aimed at the transportation of cargo, documents according to an operation real and other advantages available to our crew.

All the crew of the company will have access to a modern and sophisticated Operational Dispatch, where to find to download bank files to start flights with the company and textures, in addition to information such as flight reservations, briefings, etc.

evaluating great systems for the members of the company! For flight reporting, we use SmartCARS, fully configured and functional to simulate cargo operations!


Latest admissions

  • SUL212 - Maycon Felipe Da Silva M.
  • SUL210 - Eduardo G.
  • SUL211 - Felipe G.
  • SUL198 - Maycon Felipe M.
  • SUL182 - Pablo R.
  • SUL180 - Lucca Z.

  • Last flights

  • SUL9538 - SBKP SBPA - 01.42h
  • SUL6305 - SBGR SBCF - 01.11h
  • SUL6393 - SBFI SBGL - 01.47h
  • SUL6396 - SBGL SBFI - 02.10h
  • SUL6391 - SBPL SBGR - 02.19h
  • SUL6388 - SBGR SBPL - 02.34h

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