Sul Cargo Virtual

The Sul Cargo Virtual is a Virtual Airline (VA) fictitious nonprofit created solely with the intention to promote a space for virtual flight simulation, focusing on the quality and realism of a real airline cargo.

The creation and maintenance of the site and the company are held by employees and webmaster who are part of our framework STAFF.


The candidate who is interested in performing the registration in the company, must meet some minimum requirements. They are:

- Owning an active registration in the networks of IVAO online flight;

- Having a good knowledge in air traffic regulation;

- Proficiency in Portuguese phraseology of Brazil;

- Interpretation / reading METAR and TAF;

The maximum number is 50 (fifty) registered pilots in the company, to achieve this number, registrations will be closed temporarily.

The release of new jobs occurs when any member has deleted your account, either by inaction, request or any other factor that has caused this exclusion.

Admission Exam

For entry into the Sul Cargo Virtual, the candidate must pass a theoretical examination on admission, consisting of 20 multiple choice questions that are generated randomly. The maximum time for completion and submission of the exam is 20 minutes. The pilot will be admitted reaching the number of hits equal to or greater than 75%.

The candidate who does not have success on the exam, can do it again after two days.


The Sul Cargo virtual does not recognize flight hours flown by other airlines virtual, therefore, do not accept transfers of members of other VA's.

After registration is approved, the pilot has a maximum of 15 days to send the first flight log. If not submitted within this period, the pilot will be automatically removed from our frame of pilots without any notice.

To start the flights by the company is compulsory knowledge of air traffic rules and operation of aircraft operated by the VA!


A candidate who wishes to participate in the company should have commitment to us, visit our forum, fly correctly, read books, make the necessary coordinations and is necessary when flying in an online environment etc.


The pilot who disobey the rules of the company, belittle any member and / or cause some or STAFF embarrassment to the company, may at any time be removed from the framework of the company's pilots.

Reporting Flights

The reports of flights will be conducted through the program FSAcars, it records all parameters of each flight conducted.

To download the programs needed to fly the airline, you must access the DOV!

Not allowed the acceleration in the rate of simulation during flights conducted in the company!


Aircraft approved by the Company for use in simulators Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 and X, are: iFly Jets: the 737NG and Level-D B767.


We operate with a "standard" values ​​for each type of aircraft, if these values ​​are exceeded, will be discounted 5 (five) points of the flight log for each error. These values ​​are applied to weights, speed, touch down rate, etc. All amounts recorded through FSAcars.

If the final score is equal to or less than 70 (Seventy) the Log will be automatically reproved.


Members who are inactive company for a period exceeding 30 days without any kind of warning, will be automatically removed from the table of pilots.

Temporary Removal

At any time the pilot has the right to request temporary removal of the company, the maximum period is 30 days! The request must be requested via our email: If the member does not return within 30 days will be automatically removed from the table of pilots.


At any time the pilot has the right to request termination of the company! The request must be requested via our email:

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