Welcome to the website of the Sul Cargo Virtual!
Today is

  • Realism

    We focus on quality and realism of a real airline cargo.
  • Destinations

    We operate in 16 domestic and 6 international destinations!
  • Systems

    We offer modern and automated systems, with sita navigation, briefings, foqa, etc.

Welcome to Sul Cargo!

First we would like to make clear that the Sul Cargo is a Virtual Airline (VA) fictitious nonprofit!

Our company was created with the intention of simulating the operations of any airline cargo, however, we operate in many parts of Brazil, used a fleet of cargo aircraft very modern and secure, in addition to other advantages that you will only know after performing the registration!

All pilots of the company have access to a modern and sophisticated DOV, where will be found the files for download to start flights by airline, textures and information, such as flight booking, briefings, etc.

We offer excellent systems for members of the company! To carry flight, we use the FSAcars, fully functional and configured to simulate the load system!

Join Us now and come see this wonderful world of air cargo. Read the rules!

There are currently 5 vacancy available!

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